I saw a really interesting Kickstarter campaign the other day for light-up pop-up cards and I just had to back it. One of my longer-term craft goals is to make a light-up Xmas jumper and I feel like this is a step on that glorious road.


This is what came in the kit.



I won’t go into massive detail about what I did, but I will probably do a how to if I ever get around to designing a card like this. Essentially you use basic paper folding/construction techniques combined with simple circuitry using copper tape. So I made a box to house the LED


And then used copper tape to make a simple circuit with a switch. Something I often hear, now that I’m technically an adult and education professional, is complaints about how the things you learn at school have no practical application. Well, in my case, as I get older I’m often taken back to things I was taught, especially through craft. Oh my god, did I just admit that I actually learnt something from Mr Wilson? .


The workings are hidden with a pre-cut piece of card with the cute message, then there are some more 3D pop-up bits for fun.


There is also a little piece to indicate where the switch is hidden.

If I hadn’t been in a hurry to finish the tree, I probably would have customised it with some more decoration. As it is, I quite like that you can see the circuit beneath the tree’s skirts.