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Last week I went to Wilderness festival. I have been mostly blissfully ignorant of the rubbish problem when I have attended festivals before. I’m sure I felt a little bothered by the bins full of disposable cups and plates, and the massive piles of perfectly good items that attendees leave behind. But now my eyes are much more open to the problem.

I armed myself with my vacuum flask, water bottle, keep cup, metal straw and cutlery.  This was quite a lot of equipment to have with me at all times, but I brought my beloved yellow backpack along largely for the purpose of carrying these items. Aaaaand…. like the best laid plans of mice and men, it went completely out of the window.

Delicious food that I felt a little bad eating

I learnt that I actually find it very difficult to make a special request for myself when the infrastructure is not set up to deal with it. All of the plating was set up and I just felt bad asking the vendors to change it so that it would fit in my containers. Wilderness has a lot of ego-massaging placatory messages, such as the dishes being compostable, but of course there is a lot of upstream waste associated with making the disposable items.

Because I am extra af and dangerously addicted to espresso, I took my stovetop coffee maker and milk frother for my morning flat white. So I at least didn’t use any coffee cups during the weekend.

One thing that the zero waste mindset helped me with was with making purchases. Wilderness is a festival where people feel very free to dress outlandishly, which I am very much on board with. This year was one of my first festival experiences where I had some disposable income available. It would have been very easy to spend a lot of money on items that are just not wearable in any other context. I was very much enamoured of this pompom headdress.

In the end, I bought a vintage beaded jacket that was actually very restrained for the festival, but just about straddles the line between jazzy and useful in my real life.

I also bought some little sparkly jewels to wear on my forehead because I couldn’t resist getting a little something.

The festival did allow me to get out some much-loved but seldom-worn items. I wore my rocket Southport dress for just the second time and it was perfect for this event.

I brought the circuit sentiments kit I have had at home for years and used it to fashion my own light-up headdress using a flower crown I bought a few years ago on eBay. The LED kits are the kind of impulse craft purchase that I would like to stop making as much. I used a few of the items to make my Port Charlotte jumper light up when I was pretending it was a Christmas jumper.

I saw a really interesting Kickstarter campaign the other day for light-up pop-up cards and I just had to back it. One of my longer-term craft goals is to make a light-up Xmas jumper and I feel like this is a step on that glorious road.


This is what came in the kit.



I won’t go into massive detail about what I did, but I will probably do a how to if I ever get around to designing a card like this. Essentially you use basic paper folding/construction techniques combined with simple circuitry using copper tape. So I made a box to house the LED


And then used copper tape to make a simple circuit with a switch. Something I often hear, now that I’m technically an adult and education professional, is complaints about how the things you learn at school have no practical application. Well, in my case, as I get older I’m often taken back to things I was taught, especially through craft. Oh my god, did I just admit that I actually learnt something from Mr Wilson? .


The workings are hidden with a pre-cut piece of card with the cute message, then there are some more 3D pop-up bits for fun.


There is also a little piece to indicate where the switch is hidden.

If I hadn’t been in a hurry to finish the tree, I probably would have customised it with some more decoration. As it is, I quite like that you can see the circuit beneath the tree’s skirts.