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I lost steam on my knitting again after getting near the end of my Wowligan. That  project is on my summer to-do list, so hopefully I’ll get around to finishing off the button bands in the next couple of weeks.

Copyright Carissa Browning via Ravelry

I’ve got a couple of summer trips coming up where it will be nice to have a fairly straightforward project along with me. Something that caught my eye immediately was this beautiful Wonder Woman shawl. I’m not especially into comic books but I am into bold, graphic designs and getting more red into my wardrobe. I picked up some yarn on the Love Knitting website but the red was completely the wrong colour. I decided to finally head to I Knit London, which is currently my LYS, to pick up a suitably cartoonish shade.

I’ve been aware of IKL since my days as a fledgling knitter, when I accompanied them to Camp Bestival to volunteer in their tent one summer. It was good to finally get a chance to visit the store just eight short years later (seriously where does the time go?). I’ve got to say that I liked IKL. Gerard dyes his own yarns and I will definitely have to go back as his speckled wool would make a great jumper. I still have a speckled Humboldt sweater in mind.

Anyway, I picked up some red- a bit more cherry than I would have liked, but I couldn’t be bothered to trek to another yarn store. I had some fun using the swift and ball-winder to wind the yarn, helped by the ladies in the knitting group that was running when I visited. I hate hand-winding so much, it was great to be able to skip that step and be left with a professional-looking yarn cake.

So far the knitting on this pattern has been going well. I’m really enjoying the fact that this project is mindless enough for me to work on while I finally catch up on Game of Thrones. I didn’t get a chance to watch series 5 or 6 (though I did read the books a few years ago) and I’ve been loving bingeing them. The other advantage of knitting is that it stops me from checking my phone and therefore missing bits of the action.

It’s not that easy to get a decent picture because of how the shawl is constructed, but here’s how it’s looking so far. You can see that the W shape is starting to emerge.

Pattern: Wonder Woman Wrap (FREE on Ravelry)

Yarn: 1 skein each Ella Rae Lace Merino (Pineapple Soda) and Fyberspates Scrumptious 4-ply (Kiss)

Ravelry project page


I finally sewed my fancy golden snitch pompom onto my purple hat and, overall, I’m happy with how this project turned out.

Here’s what the inferior back pompom looks like.

I am a bit worried that I am the harbinger of the current horrible weather as I will definitely be wearing my hat this weekend!

Yarn: 3 balls of ‘Essential Knitting’

Pattern: Classic Cuffed Hat by Purl Soho (free pattern)

Ravelry project page

I’m really pleased with how my Wool and Gang Hold Tight clutch bag knitted up. I think I picked colours that go well with my wardrobe and I’m loving the neon colour pop trend. Why have highlighters trapped in a pencil case? Let them be free! Here are a couple of pics of the finished item.

Can you tell I’m pleased with it?

Jade helped bring out my inner model on the South Bank.


I was surprised at how long the project took overall. The bag is made with Jersey Be Good held double, which gives a really sturdy structured fabric, but is a killer on the hands!

I have a few tips for anyone who wants a double contrast trim like me.

For the binding, I found it easiest to stick closely to the pattern by starting with a WS row. I switched to CC2 (the yellow) and cast off before picking up the same number of stitches behind the ‘braid’.

I started the woven stitch with a RS row, I don’t think it matters whether you start RS or WS. I found the instructions a little unclear- you need to start every row by slipping the first stitch.

As other makers on Ravelry noted, the snap closure seems small compared to the size of the bag. I just tried to sew it neatly and hope it worked out, which it did.


I also did a picture tutorial for the cute tassels. 


I’ve been in love with The Lemonade Shop’s stunning yarns ever since I started following her on Insta, and I finally caved and bought two skeins of Bad Day sock a few months ago. This yarn. Oh my god. I really love the name, too. As a non-sunshine, lollipops and rainbows type woman (read: angry pessimist), I like things that acknowledge that life can be shit. You might have a bad day. But there might be little colour pops of rainbow beauty even in a shitty day. I feel like this shawl will help to add a few of those moments when I’m in a grey and gloomy mood. 

I feel optimistic already.

Here’s how it looks worn the other way.

You better work bitch.

I actually frogged and reknitted this shawlette since my WiP Wednesday post  as I wasn’t sure about the shape. I used up just under a skein of sock weight yarn and I’m a little anxious that the shawl is too small, but I’m going to wear it and see how I feel.

I adore this yarn and it held up well to being frogged. 

Pattern: Boneyard 2.0

Yarn: Bad Day Sock by The Lemonade Shop

Needles: 3.5mm circulars

Ravelry project page

Ever since I first heard of Wool and the Gang through Anna, I’ve thought about knitting their Hold Tight clutch bag. I’ve put it off for different reasons over the past couple of years- the hassle of ordering yarn, the stress of choosing a colour combination, the usual. This is actually a slight fail because I’d hoped to have it ready in time for the wedding the other week. I knew the needles and yarn were massive, so I can knock out most WatG patterns very quickly. I had not factored in the woven stitch. Look at it!

For the binding, I found it easiest to stick closely to the pattern by starting with a WS row. I switched to CC2 (the yellow) and cast off before picking up the same number of stitches behind the ‘braid’.

I started the woven stitch with a RS row, I don’t think it matters whether you start RS or WS. I found the instructions a little unclear- you need to start every row by slipping the first stitch.  

This week I decided to take a break from my big knitting and crochet projects and knit myself a new pair of gloves. I like to have a pair to keep in the pockets of each of my coats, for ease. These gloves will really complement my newish raincoat. Previously all I had was a massive men’s rain-tent that I obtained from an ex. Now I have a little women’s jacket that is just about smart enough to wear to work. Win. I suck at transitional dressing. Anyway, I have made good progress on the first glove I was pretty happy when I worked the thumb.


The yarn is self-striping sock yarn from Stray Cat, a company based in New Zealand. I bought it via Etsy. The pattern is Smartphone Friendly Mitts, available on Ravelry. I’m not sure if any fellow Ravellers read my blog, but if you do, my handle is crafty-crusader. I don’t have many Rav friends even though I sing its praises constantly, to the boredom of most people I know.

I like the fact that these gloves fit very tightly. I have now nearly finished both gloves, so the next step will be to attach mitten shells that I can flip over to keep my fingers warm. I used to spend a small fortune on gloves each winter as I would have to take one off to use my phone, then drop it. Since I switched to convertible mittens, my glove attrition rate has dropped to nearly zero (famous last words). I should draw a graph.
I recently read a blog post about the joy of fingerless gloves. At the time I remember thinking ‘knitting fingers isn’t so bad’. For reference, making the body of each glove probably takes four to six hours. Each finger has been taking an additional hour. I will be joining the fingerless glove club after this project!

To distract myself from the misery of the last term of my course, I spent a fair bit of time buying yarn and researching knitting patterns. In a way, knowing I had the projects to come back to helped make the idea of coming back a bit easier. I think I’m overly attached to my knitting. Anyway, here’s a little overview of what I’ll be working on for the next few weeks.
The heading is a link to the pattern on Ravelry so you can see what the final garment should
look like. This is where I’m up to

This is a bottom-up pattern so what you can see is the bottom hem up to the waist, or about half of the stocking stitch section.
Opposite Pole
This pattern is so beautiful. I’ve always shied away from heavy jumpers in the past, but I had to make an exception for this baby. I’m still in the planning stage. These are the gauge swatches I’ve made to try and ensure I get a good fit on the finished garment.

Ribbed camera case
I feel that I need a pun for the name of this little case I’m designing! It was one of the projects I was working on while travelling. In fact, I cast on during an unexpected flight to Madrid. The body is nearly complete, I’m just planning how I want to knit the flap. I love these colours so much. The pink makes the camera on my phone go a bit mad.

Secret project
I am also in the planning stages of a very exciting secret project and I can’t wait to share little hints about it in the coming weeks.