Overall I was really pleased with the skirt my mum and I made a couple of months ago. However, every time I wore it, I remembered why I almost never buy garments that don’t have pockets in them. Women’s clothing is such a pain for this! I tire very quickly of having to store my phone in my bra. So I decided that emergency pocket surgery was the only option.
This is what it came out like. The hint of white is the pocket lining. The pocket does change the line of the skirt, but for me it’s worth it.

Here’s how I did it. The seam of the skirt originally looked like this. Unpick the waistband over the seam.

This is a basic pocket shape. Cut it to your chosen dimensions with right sides facing. Your hand will go in the long, non-shaped side so fold the fabric on the opposite side.

I started by sewing the right side of the pocket you can see above to the right side of the seam, with right sides facing. Don’t unpick the seam first as it provides stability and will help the pocket to hang straight. Sew the pocket high enough that you can catch the top when you re-stitch the waistband.
Next, sew the other side of the pocket to the left side of the seam, again with right sides facing.

Next, stitch around the pocket.


Ensure there are no gaps between the stitching on the side seams and around the pocket, or you’ll have big old holes in ya pocket. If you have an overlocker, overlock the edge of the pocket for added strength. You could also add a second line of stitching if your mum doesn’t have an overlocker.

Now it’s time to re-stitch the waistband. I have my pocket facing left because my right hand will be going into the pocket this way. Top-stitch carefully, you’re going through a lot of layers of fabric.

Stick a fork in your pocket, it’s done! I was hoping the pocket would be hidden underneath one of my box pleats for added security, but it wasn’t possible to do it this way. So instead, I hand sewed a hook and eye over the pocket to close the pleat and hide the pocket. Here I am modelling.