I’ve been a bit cagey about my activities for the past few weeks as I’m a bit reluctant to announce when I’m going away. Well, I’m back now so I can say that I was travelling for five wonderful weeks in South and Central America. It was a blowout trip to celebrate finishing my doctorate, and included lots of flying (sorry, environment!). And, for me, flying means knitting while watching films. Except for the one flight (8 hours) where my TV and light were both broken and I sat plunged in darkness, naught but the farts of the other travellers to distract me from my thoughts. Thanks, United.
In one of my regular frenzies of chronological optimism, my backpack contained two and a half balls of yarn and three sock patterns. In total I clocked up 9 flights, about 42 hours, and I finished one pair of socks.

This pattern is called Mystik Spiral, which is apparently the name of a band in Daria. I wasn’t a cool enough teen to appreciate Daria. The diagonal stripes are created using short-row shaping so this was a really engaging knit, yet not requiring too much attention most of the time. Here I am modelling.


Damn right I roll up my jeans to show off my hand knitted socks.
I’ll see how these socks wear- I tend to avoid stocking stitch socks as they stretch out a lot, but I made an exception for these.
Okay, one more shot of my snazzy ankles.