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Day 15

I had a banana, almond butter and chocolate toastie for breakfast. Following on from Sunday’s food prep, I had a roasted vegetable, hummus and quinoa salad for lunch.

I also had a bit more of the salted chocolate I bought yesterday. It made a big difference to eat it at room temperature rather than cold. I much prefer the texture when it isn’t cold.

I went to the gym straight after work. Got home and had a protein shake and another hotdog. I was quite hungry so I ate a lot of nuts too.

Day 16

I started feeling like I was coming down with something yesterday. I woke up feeling dodgy so worked at home rather than going to the office as planned. Had my final hotdog for breakfast.

My flatmate got some vegan Magnums so I had one as an afternoon snack. Overall the experience was similar to eating a normal choc-ice, but both the ice cream and the chocolate coating had peculiar flavours. The ice cream tasted too strongly of artificial vanilla and the chocolate tasted like artificial sweetener, though the textures were spot on. I didn’t dislike the Magnum, but I found the flavours a bit distracting.

Day 17

I woke up early to go to the gym before work. I wanted avocado toast but the only bread I had was two leftover hotdog buns. I decided to try something different. We have a kind of panini press in the flat and I used it to fry and refresh the buns, which were getting a bit stale. I cut the buns in half and spread both sides with a thin layer of coconut oil before put in the press. I have to say it worked incredibly well. The delicate taste of the coconut was delicious with the avocado.

I had a protein shake as my mid-morning snack and the final serving of quinoa, roasted vegetable and hummus salad for lunch.

I met a friend at Farmacy for dinner. It’s in an area of Westminster I hardly ever visit. We both went Mexican. I went for corn tacos stuffed with mushrooms. They were delicious, with lots of refried beans, some kind of vegan soured cream and guac.

My main priority was the dessert. I went for the staff recommendation of a brownie sundae, which was not what I envisaged at all. It was massive! But the brownie was really tasty and there were lots of interesting textures.

Day 18

Repeated yesterday’s successful breakfast. I also got a few minutes to photograph my OddBox. That arrived yesterday too.

I’m going out for dinner again this evening so I’m not quite sure what I’ll end up doing with some of this veg.

I was in a school all day and didn’t bring any lunch because they normally feed me. I was unsure if they would have vegan options. I ended up with the hearty staple of a jacket potato with beans. I always imagined that it would be depressing without butter and cheese but actually I enjoyed it more than I thought. The potato itself had a butteriness to it.

I had a pre-made vegan snack (kind of like a package-free Nakd bar) in the afternoon before meeting Glory and her gal pal for dinner at Mildred’s in Soho.

Winner winner vegan dinner.

I was really full from the two starters and dessert (similar to yesterday). I feel like plants fill me up in a different, less uncomfortable, way to meat.

Day 19

Had quite a boring smoothie for breakfast. I’d forgotten I am out of frozen blueberries, which would have jazzed it up.

I had a good look at the OddBox veg and weighed the items to see what I can do. I was thinking of a soup with the Jerusalem artichokes, but I have less than 200g so it’s not worth it. I decided to oven roast them because I’d never tasted them before.

It was nice! I also roasted a beetroot and some carrots at the same time. I very nearly incinerated the lot!

I decided to try making brownies using some of the beetroot. I had a lot in the house considering I don’t really like it.

The brownies are ok. I would probably try a different recipe if I wanted to make beetroot brownies again. The texture is good, but there is nowhere near enough sugar, so there is a bitterness to them. Thank goodness there are plenty of chocolate chips mixed in.

I also struggled with the chocolate glaze that went on top. Because I wanted to make the brownies sweeter, I added quite a bit of maple syrup (stevia was recommended in the recipe, which I don’t have). However, that made the glaze too wet. I added some coconut sugar in an attempt to balance. The result isn’t bad, but I think it could be better.

I had a stir fry for second lunch using the purple sprouting broccoli. I find lettuce a massive pain- I’ve come to think that salad leaves are a bit of a waste of space- so I just ate that on its own.

You might be wondering why the noodles are red. I cooked them in the water I saved from boiling the beetroot. The water was so red, I felt it must contain some nutrients. I added some water chestnuts and cashews to bulk the stir fry up a bit. It was delicious.

I went to meet friends at Draughts board game cafe. I was uncharacteristically early (I thought the booking was half an hour earlier than it was) so picked up a Crosstown doughnut on the way.

I had the vegan offer on option at Draughts on the waiter’s recommendation. It was ok. Actually the biggest issue was that the patty wasn’t warm enough.

Day 20

Avocado toast for breakfast. I added a little spirulina today. Took a protein shake, leftover roasted veggies and an apple to snack on at quidditch training.

Got home and had another broccoli stir-fry. Glory and I went to a friend’s for dinner and she made us a nice vegan chili. I wouldn’t have thought to cook that dish, but I liked it. She also had a vegan mozzarella that was pretty good. We also had some of the brownies for dessert.

Day 21

I made a big pan of apple pie porridge first thing, which was a pretty dumb move because I was very nearly late for my hand therapy appointment. However, the porridge came out really nicely and I have enough for the next three days.

Took two vegan brownies, some sweet potato soup from the freezer and a small serving of leftover chili from last night to work.

Picked up a doughnut from the new Crosstown in Hammersmith. I love the filled one with elderflower. Also grabbed another veg patty. Pretty much identical to the other brand I had last week.


I’m feeling much more comfortable and happy eating a plant-based diet. Up until this week I’d been envisaging going on an enormous meat binge once February rolls around. I am starting to see the vegan diet as less impoverished and just different. It’s such a privilege to have such a variety of fantastic vegan restaurants in London. Eating out has helped to open my eyes much more to the pleasures of plants.

Something I find interesting is the pressure put on vegans. They/we are given a really hard time and held up to a bizarre standard of dietary perfection. If a vegan makes a choice to eat something non-vegan, a lot of people really seem to revel in being proven right that the vegan diet somehow isn’t good enough.

I’m still not decided on what diet I will follow once Veganuary comes to an end. Flexitarianism does feel like a bit of a cop-out, but at the same time I would like the flexibility to occasionally eat animal products while following a primarily plant-based diet.

Day 8

Following on from last week‘s food prep, I had porridge, a chickpea wrap and vegetable stew. I was still hungry when I got home at 5.30pm so I had a toastie with banana, coconut/peanut butter and dark chocolate.

I managed to miscalculate again and ended up slightly too full 🙄

I also made a cabbage and butterbean stew/cassoulet thing.

Day 9

Ate the last of the porridge for breakfast and my final chickpea wrap for lunch. It had just started to taste a little vinegary so I think it needed finishing.

I went to the gym after work and had a protein shake afterwards. I picked up a discounted vegan salad thing from M&S when I was buying bread yesterday and had that for my dinner. It was actually super delicious.

I’m planning to make some hummus this week anyway. I loved the combination with the grain salad, roasted veggies and a tart dressing.

I was hungry when I went to bed but I don’t like to eat late. I’m still not sleeping as well as usual and lay awake fantasising about having a feast in Chinatown.

Day 10

Woke up early to go to the gym before work. Had a big green smoothie and coffee but felt a bit weak while doing weights and sick during my yoga class.

I had a protein shake for my mid-morning snack. I brought servings of both the vegan stew and cabbage cassoulet that I prepped. I won’t get home until after 7.30pm and I know that eating just one meal before then will not suffice. I also need to make a shopping list so I can prepare some more meals. I have a busy weekend so I’m concerned I won’t have much time to cook.

I’m starting to realise that I prefer vegan meals with more Asian flavours- peanut, coconut, ginger. While it’s been interesting to try meals from different cuisines, I’ve ended up having to eat quite a few things that I haven’t enjoyed very much.

Anyway, I ate my cabbage dish just before 12. I’m happy to report that it tastes better than it looks, though that being said it does taste mostly of cabbage. I was absolutely ravenous by 2pm. I think it took longer for me to eat the cabbage than it kept me full for! Eyeing up lunch pt. 2 and wondering if I will have to eat a dirty Pot Noodle to get me through the rest of the day.

Ate more vegan stew for lunch ii, then a toastie when I got home.

I bought some candied chickpeas as a snack- I actually thought they were something else but they are pretty tasty. Extremely sweet, though.

Day 11

Work from home day. Had another green smoothie for breakfast, then the cabbage dish. I also made some red pepper hummus following the same recipe I used before.

Bad picture but it’s so tasty. I ate it with the two tortilla wraps I had left and I was full until bedtime.

Day 12

Fancied another green smoothie for breakfast before heading off to a day conference for work. I was really hungry by the break but there was no information about whether the pastries on offer were vegan-friendly. I went without.

The vegan lunch offering was pitiful too! A couple of platters of vegetarian sandwiches but they all appeared to contain cheese so I steered clear. What looked safest was a few onion bhajis (with mango chutney) and some hummus and crudités. I remained staunchly hungry after this meagre meal.

Had to pop (if you can call an hour’s journey ‘popping’) home to pick up the card I made for my friend’s birthday party. At least that gave me the chance to eat a serving of the cabbage I had in the fridge. Also treated myself to a vegan dirty chai. I normally limit myself to two double espressos per day, but it had been an especially tiring Saturday morning.

I checked the menu of the venue for my friend’s party and there were no vegan options. Once I arrived I couldn’t be bothered to ask so didn’t have anything. I also didn’t fancy drinking on an empty stomach- the vegetables I had consumed really didn’t fill me up.

I was starting to get so hungry that my decision-making was compromised. I was struggling to process what I wanted to eat and where I could get it. Fortunately there was a Rosa’s Thai Cafe near the tube station. I’ve eaten there before and enjoyed it so I stopped in and treated myself to dinner. They have plenty of menu items that can be made vegan-friendly. I had some summer rolls that were decent enough followed by Thai green curry and coconut rice. I love coconut so much.

I had a little curry left over and fortunately had a container on me to take it home. The waitress gave me a bit of a funny look but I don’t really mind things like that.

The summer rolls made me recall the time I spent hours making my own and they turned out absolutely disgusting. Why I thought smoked salmon and mint would be a good combination is anyone’s guess 🤦🏽‍♀️

Today made me think that summer rolls could be a good vegan lunch option when the weather gets warmer. I would make peanut dipping sauce as well as sweet chilli. And steer clear of bizarre flavour combos 😷

Day 13

I had a dream in which I was cooking some poultry. It was still Veganuary so I wasn’t sure whether to freeze it for the rest of the month. I had tasted the dish and felt cross with myself for breaking the challenge.

Had a nut butter, banana and chocolate toastie before heading to quidditch training. It kept me pretty full and I took a protein shake for after.

Went shopping at the supermarket and the Source in Clapham, which was horribly busy. I decided to try something different and got some mushroom-based sausages. I planned to make hotdogs since the caramelised onions, ketchup and mustard would taste good even if the sausages didn’t.

I got chorizo-style sausages (seemed the best option available) and there is a chorizo vibe to them. They don’t make the best hotdogs, but as predicted the other additions made them perfectly edible.

I also did a little bit of meal prep. I cooked some quinoa and roasted some beetroot and sweet potato to make a winter salad. I don’t especially like beetroot but it was nice in the M&S salad and I decided just to buy whatever Sainsbury’s had that was package-free.

Day 14

Changed things up a bit and had a hotdog for breakfast. It wouldn’t have been my first choice, but it makes sense based on my activities today and what I have in the fridge.

Since I had breakfast quite early, I was peckish by mid-morning. I had this yoghurt that I picked up in Sainsbury’s yesterday. It was delicious.

I had the last serving of the cabbage cassoulet for lunch. I added some frozen peas and spinach to bulk it up, so I’ll be interested to see how long I stay full.

The answer was not long, but fortunately I had brought some dried mango with me.

I had to eat my second lunch- quinoa, hummus and roasted vegetable salad- at about 4pm.

I couldn’t wait to have another snack until I got home so I followed the recommendation of a vegan colleague and picked up a Jamaican veg patty. I have eaten many a patty in my time but never of the vegetable variety. I enjoyed it a lot more than I expected. I also had some salted dark chocolate.


Overall week 2 has gone much more smoothly than week 1, though I did have worse cravings for meat at times. My biggest problem is managing my hunger levels. I am not good at judging how satiating meals will be and have ended up in physical pain from being so hungry. From talking to other vegans, I understand that this is pretty common.

I need to start keeping a few vegan snacks lying around, probably something in my bag and something in my locker at work. I put together some yummy fruit and nut combinations when I went to the Source.

This week I was surprised to learn that quite a few events and places in London still don’t cater for vegans at all. I had been under the impression that most places would have one plant-based offering, even if it wasn’t very good.

I’m going to keep a daily journal of my Veganuary exploits.

Day 1

Spent it in bed rueing the day I was born. All I could keep down was some avocado toast my flatmate kindly made for me. Oh, and a Lindor, which wasn’t vegan 🤦🏽‍♀️

Day 2

Due to being incapacitated on new year’s day (see above) I had made no food plans for the week. I had a green smoothie for breakfast and some frozen squash curry for lunch. Went to Asda and got overwhelmed by what I couldn’t eat. Ended up having a protein shake and crackers for dinner. But I did make some initial meal plans for the rest of the week.

My OddBox arrived quite late and I looked up a few recipes before bed.

Day 3

I ended up having smoothies (one green and one kind of apple pie/oatmeal one) for breakfast and lunch due to still not having any proper food in. They tasted nice but I’m kind of over drinking variously-coloured sludge.

I followed(ish) a recipe from an old OddBox and made pasta with mushrooms and cavolo nero. I used the mung bean pasta I picked up at the Source- it’s higher in protein.

Sadly it’s also higher in the taste of butts. I don’t know what I expected to be honest. I’ve never knowingly eaten a mung bean. At least I only bought 75g (bulk shopping win) so I don’t have to eat it again.

The sauce was ok but reminded me of a dish I used to subsist on at university that I charitably called ‘vegetable melange’. Basically it was loads of tinned veg with some onion, chopped tomatoes and ketchup. I remember the secret ingredient was a lot of cheese.

Today was a bad cooking day overall. I followed this recipe for vegan mayonnaise using oat milk and rapeseed oil and it didn’t work at all. Although the liquids seemed to emulsify, it wouldn’t thicken.

I still used it to make this ‘better than tuna‘ sandwich filling with the chickpeas I soaked on day 2. I still have the aquafaba from the chickpeas so I might try another mayo recipe (think I over-reduced the aquafaba though. Seriously cursed cooking day). Fortunately the spread turned out to be nice enough or I would almost certainly have cried. I also had a protein shake/iced decaf thing because I hadn’t slept well. I should be tracking my macros but I haven’t had time.

Day 4

Had the apple pie smoothie for breakfast again and a banana/peanut butter protein shake after going to the gym. I was feeling a bit sick at the gym and I wonder if I’ve been having too many liquid meals. I guess my body is also adjusting to a new diet.

I also prepped another wrap with yesterday’s spread. I actually took two wraps for lunch (I only ate one). I struggle with portioning vegan food. When bulk cooking, I find it helpful to weigh my food and I know that I normally eat around 400g for lunch. I have learnt to my cost that 400g of different foods are not equal!

For dinner, I met Glory at Patty and Bun for an impromptu flatmate date. We tried their Whoopi Goldburger.

The burger itself was decent. The bread was lovely and the patty had a good texture, though it was a little on the loose/wet side for me. The fake cheese was quite nice too. My favourite part was the rosemary fries. It felt so good to eat something deep fried, hot, salty and crispy. I’ve eaten too much mush this week.

I picked up some vegan chocolate on the way home. Turns out that I really really really like milk in my chocolate.

Day 5

Had a green smoothie for breakfast. I like to have fruit or vegetables as the first thing I put in my stomach each day but chewing is tiresome. I didn’t add avocado and I actually preferred the more watery texture for a change.

I had some avocado and mushrooms on toast later. I was due to go out for a meal and expected to eat more, but I’m still not feeling too well. I did feel a little hungry so snacked on a bit more of the vegan chocolate, which was nicer with coffee.

Went to the Spread Eagle, a vegan pub in east London. All of the meat alternatives were super tasty and it was another welcome change. I had the trio of tacos and enjoyed them all.

I also had this deep fried cheeze, which had a similar texture to brie. I liked it but wish I had ordered a dessert instead.

Unfortunately I just don’t feel right in myself. I’m feeling increasingly sick throughout the day. I’m also tired, though to be fair I haven’t been sleeping well (unrelated to diet). I’m going to give it a few more days but I am worried that being vegan is making me feel so bad. I did a bit of research and I think it is quite normal to take time to adjust. But I don’t like the idea that I’m making myself ill when I was pretty happy with my diet before.

Day 6

Slept in, which I hope will help me. Perhaps part of my malaise has been sleep deprivation. I ate the last of my mushrooms first thing, followed by batch cooking some very nice apple porridge.

I was still a bit peckish so had a protein shake as well. I toasted the wrap I didn’t have on Friday for lunch and it was pretty tasty. Spread stuff needs more salt though.

I then prepped a stew featuring my OddBox veggies. It turned out quite nice.

I wanted four full servings for next week and I was still hungry after eating what was left in the pot. I had a peanut butter, banana and chocolate toastie. It was great! I don’t normally eat much bread but I think that’s going to help me through the month.

I didn’t feel sick today so I’m hoping my body is getting used to veganism. I’m also feeling much more prepared for the forthcoming week. Bring it on!

Day 7

Reaped the rewards of food prep and had porridge, a chickpea wrap and stew with little effort. Not feeling sick but did get so hungry after the gym that I had stomach cramps. Treated myself to a rice-coconut chai latte from Pret but the barista told me the powder (note: the chai and turmeric drinks aren’t ZW friendly!) contains milk. I ended up having a turmeric latte with unclear vegan credentials because I had already paid. Pret later contacted me on Twitter and their allergen information indicates that neither product contains dairy. I guess they want to be careful since someone recently died after eating something to which they were allergic in Pret.

I was ravenous when I got home so had another peanut butter, banana and chocolate toastie. Started feeling like I could get used to veganism.


All in all, it was quite a hard start to Veganuary. A lot of that was down to my poor planning. I’m hoping to start tracking my nutrition because I’m sure I’m not getting enough protein for muscle growth.

I have noticed that I’ve been ticking the ‘no unhealthy snacks’ box on my habit tracker more frequently. This is mainly down to not having unhealthy vegan things in the house to eat. I’m also quite weak-willed and partial to a chocolate or five if people bring them into the office. Or if my flatmate brings them home after Xmas. It’s so weird to think that on Monday I was scarfing them down only to stop on Tuesday because I ‘can’t’ eat them.

A challenge for this week has been my own narrative that I don’t like to eat processed food. This story prevents me from eating pretty much all meat and cheese substitutes. However, I am perfectly happy to eat (mass-produced) dairy and meat products such as cheeses, yoghurt and sausages. It’s interesting that I’ve come/been conditioned to not consider these things ‘processed’ or ‘bad’ and yet I am mistrustful of vegan alternatives.

Having to cook everything from scratch is quite a strain so I feel like something has to give. I might ask my vegan friends for some recommendations about what is worth trying.

I got my most recent OddBox a couple of weeks ago.

Again the timing of my cooking and lighting did not lend itself to getting good pictures of what I made. I followed two recipes that came with the box.

A broccoli and cauliflower bake (that I managed to leave a knife in). I bulked it out a bit with some orza (pasta) that I’ve had lying around for a while. The meal was surprisingly tasty and filling.

This leek and potato soup was delicious. Nuff said. I should have heeded the warning that it’s best frozen without the cream.

I also made this squash curry. Also pretty tasty. It’s meant to be a jalfrezi but I used Thai curry paste because that’s what I had on hand. I also made coconut rice (1 tin coconut milk, 1 tin brown basmati, 1 tin water cooked using absorption method) that was much-needed because the curry was slightly too spicy for me.

I also made some snacks- the recipe is for the vegan coconut bites they sell in Pret à Manger.

The cooking hasn’t been as interesting this week, due in part to my broken finger.  A lot of my OddBox haul (including the pineapple) was pressed into service in smoothies. I’ve read that you should get lots of vitamins and minerals to support the healing process so I’ve been going hard on the old fruit and veg.

One thing I did make was cauliflower gnocchi based on the recipe in the box. Having done the pasta class helped me to try something outside my comfort zone.

I have to say that the gnocchi tasted suspiciously like dumplings. Not sure if this is my Jamaican heritage meaning I can’t make gnocchi properly or if that’s normal. I think I will have to try making some potato gnocchi to test.

I also made an amazing satay-style noodle soup dish. I found the recipe on Pinterest and knew right away that I would have to try it. I supplemented the remaining OddBox veg with some Asian produce from Chinatown.

I will definitely be coming back to this dish in Veganuary.

Weekly tilt

A disadvantage of trying to reduce waste is becoming hyper-aware of how wasteful society is. Here I share things that have bothered or worried me.

Having an injury generates quite a lot of waste- I have to clean my finger at least once a day, which means replacing the tape. I’m quite glad I’m not attempting to put my rubbish in a mason jar. That would be quite disgusting!

I received my latest OddBox a couple of weeks ago. It also contained bananas but I had already cut them up and put them in the freezer before taking this picture.

I tried out a few different recipes. I used the mushrooms and spinach in a polenta dish. The polenta was absolutely delicious. I wasn’t that sold on having the mushroom and spinach mixture with it, but I will think about other dishes with which it would pair well.

I spent quite a bit of time on Sunday cooking again. I used some of the cauliflower to make these quinoa meatless balls. Because the recipe calls for cauliflower rice, I blitzed it up in the NutriBullet.

I used the cauliflower florets along with the purple kale in this frittata. The recipe came with the OddBox. I am quite fussy when it comes to egg dishes and think I added too much kale (of which I’m not especially fond), so this was a bit of a miss.

I also made a butterbean and carrot soup that I’ve had before. I have a LOT of dried butterbeans in my cupboard so it was good to use some of them up.

The recipe suggested using three 400g tins of beans but I used 300g of soaked and boiled beans instead. Aside from being less waste and less weight to carry from the supermarket, apparently dried beans produce less flatulence than canned. Good news for my flatmate! I replaced the milk with water + 30g of flaked almonds. I also added the cauliflower stem and leaves to save throwing them away.

I’m quite looking forward to Veganuary. I’ve mostly cut meat out of my diet but I’m finding eggs and dairy much harder to kick. Part of the issue is that it would take more effort for me to look up vegan recipes or convert recipes. I will be more motivated to try harder since Veganuary is only one month.

Since I haven’t yet found a decent nutrition tracking app aimed at vegans, I’ve just been using MyFitnessPal in the interim. So far the app indicates that I’m not doing too badly with protein, though I definitely need to supplement if I want to reach my aim of 100g per day. I have access to pea protein in bulk and I’m building up a bank of recipes that disguise the taste.

My diet is quite high in fat. I don’t think that’s necessarily a problem as long as I’m not eating too many calories, but it does surprise me.

My flatmate and I had a friend coming over for dinner who is also doing Veganuary. I thought this was a perfect excuse to try out some new vegan dishes.

The lentils were flavoursome and my guests commented positively. Even though I added a scotch bonnet (whole during cooking and then discarded) I felt the mix lacked kick. Patties are generally quite spicy. Next time I might add half of a de-seeded scotch bonnet.

I used this vegan pastry recipe since I eat gluten and avoid hydrogenated fats. I added two teaspoons of curry powder to the mixture. Next time, I think I would add some extra turmeric and perhaps a drop of yellow food colouring since patties are traditionally yellow.

I really enjoyed the pastry but I did find it a bit dry and very short. To be fair, I made a mistake in refrigerating the dough before I used it, which meant I had to handle it a lot more than I would have liked. I will probably test again before passing final judgment.

I also know that my grandma’s rule of thumb was half fat to flour so I might up the coconut oil too. I’ve been considering adding pea protein. Not sure what grandma would make of that!

I also made ackee sin salt fish. I can’t lie; I really missed the salt fish. Even though you use only a little amount of salted cod, it’s a huge part of the flavour. I was so immersed in cooking that I didn’t take pictures so these are nabbed from my friend’s Instagram stories.

For dessert we had pistachio ice cream. I might even take some better pictures and write a separate post about it. I thought it was yummy.

I also made sorrel, which is a traditional Jamaican Christmas drink. They sell hibiscus tea at The Source so it’s really easy. I used this recipe as a base but would note that I don’t think you need that much hibiscus. A cup costs around £2.50 and I think half a cup would be fine.

I’m so proud that this meal was almost entirely free of plastic waste. And really cheap too! The most expensive thing was the ice cream. I’m starting to feel ready for Veganuary!

As an additional note, the leftover patties are really nice cold. They’re a bit dry because I cooked the lentils down a lot- didn’t want to risk a soggy bottom.