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Thanks to my day off, this skirt ended up being a pretty quick make.  It also represents a first (thanks to Craft Blog Club on Twitter for the prompt). This is the first sewn garment I have ever made totally independently and I must say that I am absolutely thrilled with the way that it turned out. What I like best is the shape from the side.

I’m not ashamed to say that inserting the zip was one of the  greatest feelings of pride I’ve had all year. I had hoped to do an exposed zip with metal teeth, but Sew Over It didn’t have any, so instead I went for this golden yellow standard zip. I think it looks pretty cute.


Getting it neatly exposed involved some finagling. Luckily I had read a tutorial on inserting an exposed zip, so I was able to follow those instructions on the left hand side of the zip opening. It’s not perfect, but I’m still very happy. Here’s how it looks on the inside.

The asymmetry is where I stay-stitched and clipped the right hand side to enable the fabric to lie flat. Just realised that you can also see the interfacing I used. Oops.

Something I need to remember next time is to save some extra fabric for pocket facings, as in seam pockets have a tendency to gape open. I salvaged some awesome fabric from the scraps bin at SOI for my pockets.

…which does have an unfortunate tendency to peek out. I can definitely live with this flaw, but I will try to avoid it in future.

I haven’t yet managed to get any great pictures of the skirt when I’ve worn it, but I did fulfil one of my more minor ambitions in it.

Last time I went to a fabric shop (Sew Over It in Clapham fyi) I accidentally picked up the last of this feather print cotton. I broke many of my stashing rules in doing so- I didn’t have a specific pattern in mind and I try not to buy cotton as I don’t find it the most versatile fabric. But I didn’t think of any of that when I was in that fabric shop. All I thought was FEATHERS


Anyone who knows me IRL will likely also know that I am almost always wearing something sky-themed. I love birds, clouds, rainbows and the colour blue.

I hoped to make a dress but 1.5 metres wasn’t enough for any of the patterns I liked. Even though I already have a couple of midi skirts, I decided that another one wouldn’t go amiss. I spent quite a while researching patterns, considering if I had enough material for a half circle skirt and generally farting around on sewing blogs.  In the end I decided to copy my favourite midi skirt from Whistles.

Finished hand knitted Opposite Pole cardigan

I examined the way the skirt is pleated so I could replicate it. I also used this blog post for reference.

I started out by cutting a 3″ strip for my waistband, then cut the remaining fabric in half for my front and back sections. I decided on a zip at the centre back so I could have pockets in both sides of the skirt. So I also cut the back section in half and sewed the seam, leaving a gap for an 8″ zip.

Then it was time to pleat the fabric until it was down to my waist measurement + seam allowance.

This took AGES, but was an essential step for a good fit. I then basted all of my pleats in place.

Not bad, eh?

My next step will be to insert the zip. I’m planning an exposed zip as I think they’re cute.