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I went to a peculiar crochet event at the Natural History Museum recently. In order to celebrate replacing the famous dinosaur skeleton in their great hall with the bones of a blue whale named Hope, Toft designed a special kit to make a crocheted version. Here’s what we were emulating.

And here I am hooking underneath her.

In terms of amigurumi, I’ve only ever trial crocheted some simple spheres before, so the whale was quite a step up. I made a few mistakes, especially with the decreases, but I remembered my friend Anna’s advice that crochet is very forgiving and ploughed on. I don’t think the errors notice too much.

This is actually the bonus pattern, Blue the whale calf. I’m pretty pleased with it as my my first crocheted toy. I’ll probably have a go at the full size whale one day.

Kits exclusive to the Natural History Museum in London.

Pattern not currently featured on Ravelry.


I wanted to make something very quick last week, for a cool reason and definitely not for a Quidditch match in the HPKCHC, and I decided I would finally extend my crochet skills for making amigurumi. If you’ve ever seen cute crocheted toys, they are probably amigurumi, which I think is a Japanese technique. I made two simple stuffed golden balls. No sniggering in the back!

Each sphere probably only took half an hour. I learned how to do a single crochet, and how to increase and decrease single crochets. My crocheting really is incredibly basic and they were very simple techniques to learn. I stuffed them with old tights to make them more animal friendly. Here they are being played with by an adorable puppy.

Puppy playing with crocheted ball

The pattern is available for free on Ravelry, and is actually a Golden Snitch pattern, but I couldn’t be bothered making the wings.


Ravelry project page

Yarn: Some cheap acrylic DK from my stash

Hook: 3.5mm