I got the knitting equivalent of an ear worm as soon as I read Cassy’s post about her ripple bralette. I instantly found myself looking up projects on both Instagram and Ravelry. Within twenty-four hours, I had purchased the pattern, identified suitable sock yarn from my stash and reacquainted myself with the old Norwegian cast on (I think I’ve previously encountered it under another name).

I’m using the leftovers of the pastel mini skein set I got for my aubergine rainbows sweater. I’ve considered using these for various projects, but I think they’re ideal for this one. I didn’t want to use self-striping yarn because I don’t think I would like the way the colours would pool across a larger circumference.  If I hate the bralette, I can always unravel and reuse anyway.

It’s nice to feel inspired about a project. My main WiP- a cardigan– is in an incredibly boring stage so I was hoping for a small project that would provide more instant gratification. I don’t really like hand knitted socks. For me, they are too thick to be worn with shoes and I don’t really wear socks around the house. I have plenty of winter accessories already. It’s exciting to think that there is a whole new category of knit thing available to me.Lemonade Shop pastel rainbow mini skeins

Cassy mentioned that this pattern is everywhere on knitting Instagram and she’s right. Yet somehow I had missed the boat. I think it’s because I am really bad at the social part of social media. I’m trying to get better but it’s not something that comes naturally to me.


As most others have noted, the idea of a hand knitted bra does seem strange. I always wear a soft bra or tight tank top to sleep. As a person with a larger bust, I don’t feel comfortable otherwise. I’m hoping a ripple might be useful for that purpose.

Pattern: Ripple bralette

Yarn: Gumdrop mini skein set from the Lemonade Shop

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