Since my last post about my garden, spring has sprung and I’ve become quite keen on the idea of growing a few things, as well as making my garden friendly to bees.

I’ll start inside the house. So far, the plants I repotted are doing okay. Since I took the sprouts from my mint and strawberries out of my hedgehog planters, I replaced them with some mini cacti that shouldn’t mind the lack of holes in the base.

The strawberries are doing well, but the mint just never did much. When my penultimate seedling died, I decided to pop the little pot into my mini greenhouse and since then, it’s been doing a lot better.

The other compost plugs have dahlia sprouts I’m growing for a study called Blooms for Bees, being run by various institutions including Coventry Uni, the RHS and the Bumblebee Conservation Trust, of which I am a member. The seedlings appeared really quickly, so I repotted them because I was worried about overcrowding.

The coloured sticks indicate the variety of dahlia. I kept the spare seedlings in case I’ve killed any of these.

Thinking about my dream of having a smallholding one day, my herbs are doing okay, apart from the fact that my rosemary actually seems to be sage.

I’m going to look into buying some small rosemary and thyme plants. I think they would be lovely to keep in small pots in the garden. I also have some tomato and beetroot seeds that I need to get on and plant.

My landlady has said I can plant a vegetable patch in the garden. I’m excited to give it a go but apprehensive about whether I’ll actually be able to grow anything edible. The patch looks like this at the moment.