I received a couple of pattern books in the post from the Laughing Hens. Like Dumbledore in The Halfblood Prince, I adore muggle knitting patterns. I also like magical knitting. Here I am goggling at some knitting in Diagon Alley.

I am such a nerd. Back to the books.

Whenever I go to the John Lewis haberdashery section, I spend some time perusing the pattern books. While I normally like a couple of patterns in each book, I never quite make the jump to buying one. I already have SO MUCH making paraphernalia cluttering up my house, I really do try to restrict additional purchases. So it was lovely to be able to sit down and really look at the patterns properly.

Classic 4-ply Moments contains several classic sweater patterns. I’ve been struggling for years to find the perfect basic cardigan pattern to rival store-bought cardis. I think that a mashup of a couple of these patterns could potentially be the solution to my woolly problem.

Merino Moments contains some lovely patterns by Arne and Carlos. As always, I admire their eye-catching geometric designs. Coming into spring, I am not thinking so much about chunky fair isle designs, but I’ll definitely come back to this book come autumn.

Something I found difficult about these books was the lack of integration with Ravelry. I am so dedicated to Rav, I can’t really imagine starting a pattern without first looking through the project gallery to see how it looks on different body types, and made with different yarns. Talking of yarn, I know that Patons suggests yarns for each pattern, but I want to see what other people used! I need to know what my options are, read the reviews of each yarn, and seek out options in the physical world before ordering. When she’s investing so much time and money in making something, a woman’s got to do her research!

Similarly, I would want to see the Arne and Carlos patterns made up in a variety of colourways. Often one person’s project is what inspires me to choose a pattern. I’m definitely going to keep an eye on whether the patterns in either of these books come up on Ravelry.

Thanks to the Laughing Hens for sending me the books for review.