I don’t think I need to comment on what a strange year 2016 was. There were also many ups and downs for me personally. I’m not really in the mood for lots of reflections, so let’s get to the meat- reviewing the goals I set in January.

Win Olympic Gold medal for knitting.

Last year I completed ten knitting and crochet projects, which is a drastic reduction on the previous year (twenty). As I noted in last year’s round-up post, I think I developed so much in 2015 as a knitter that I feel I’m lacking in places to go.

This year was a mix of projects I’m happy with, and disappointing results.

Continue to improve my sewing, and make some garments that I am happy to wear

I’m very happy with the progress I have made as a sewist last year. I went to a couple more workshops to develop my skills, but importantly also bought a sewing machine so that I can make things independently.

When I went away over the Xmas period, two garments stood out as super useful and wearable.

My zebra shorts

My tiny dancer trousers

Read more books written by women and POC

I’m ashamed to say that I only finished three books in 2016. What was that about? They were all by women, though.

Work on finding balance

No idea whether I achieved this.

Focus on health. Eat well and be active in ways I enjoy

Last year, to my own surprise, I took up running, and managed to run 5k, which was a massive personal achievement.

Take more and better photographs

I think I achieved this.

Specific project goals

Fix Orza


Finish Princess of Power hat


Finish crocheted baskets

Not done

Add belt loops to Cigarette Pants


Make something out of my beautiful Indonesian silk

Not done

Overall, I would say a moderately successful year. Next year, I want to work more on making things that truly fill gaps in my wardrobe, rather than buying fabric/patterns on a whim. I’m hoping to feel that more of my projects are successes rather than learning opportunities.