After a few months of relative stagnation, I’ve found myself wanting to work on knitting my League jumper and I’ve now managed to complete the front and back, and start the first sleeve.

Check out my new project bag. I loves it. 

I’m pleased with the progress I’ve managed to make on this project, but I am a little apprehensive about the colours I chose. Basically I had my heart set on Titus and ordered the yarn from the website. I wasn’t 100% sure about the teal colour but started anyway as I was so excited about the project. However, the colours aren’t quite as I had in my head. I think that white would pop better than the cream I have as my accent colour. And the teal. I’m just not sure.

I’m way too far into this project to stop now, but this is a lesson to me. I HAVE to stop ordering yarn online without seeing it first. Finding a stockist and going to the store to look at colours takes time, but from now on it will be an integral part of my process.

Yarn: Titus by Baa Ram Ewe

Pattern: League

Ravelry project page