I decided to cast on a smaller knitting project to give myself a break from my endless sweaters. My knees have taken a real bashing from playing quidditch in shorts, so I thought I would try making some knee pads. Ravelry was quite short on knee pad patterns, so I started out trying to adapt this pattern for babies.

Turns out the baby pattern doesn’t translate that well to adult use. The short-row shaping creates weird knee lumps that I’m pointing to in the picture above.

Cue much unravelling.

I’m still trying to figure out a way to make a functional and nice-looking knee pad. Turns out it is much more difficult than I anticipated! Perhaps that is why a pattern does not already exist. But I am still enjoying knitting this more than my bigger projects, so I don’t mind the head-scratching too much.

Pattern: Improvised

Yarn: Bad Day by the Lemonade Shop

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