I went to visit my dad in France a couple of months ago, wearing my trusty blue jeans. These are a pair I picked up as a happy accident in TK Maxx. They’re made with a special process that uses less water, so they’re the kind of denim you’re meant to avoid washing. I’ve had these jeans for well over two years and I think I’ve only washed them twice. To some, that’s gross, but I quite like it. For me, these jeans are pretty perfect. I like the fit, they’re long enough for my legs and they’re comfy.

Anyway, to my horror, I discovered that my beloved dirty jeans had developed a hole in the inside leg. I wore them with extreme caution for the next few days as I hadn’t brought any other trousers with me. And since then, they’ve been languishing untouched on my ‘to mend’ pile.

I looked up a few tutorials online for how to repair jeans. I now can’t find the link to the tutorial that I semi followed to patch them. A lot of methods recommend trimming the hole in the jeans to ease the transition to the patch fabric. However, I couldn’t see the sense in voluntarily weakening the fabric further. I don’t mind there being a worn patch that can’t be seen 99% of the time. What I care about is giving my jeans a few more months of useful service.

1. Using pinking shears, cut a patch of denim in a similar colour to your jeans

It should cover the hole plus about an inch all around it.

2. Fuse bondaweb all around the right side of the patch 


3. Fuse the patch over the hole 


4. Stitch over the patch and jeans

This can be done by hand, by machine or a combination. I hand-stitched mine first.


Here’s how the hole looked on the right side at this point.


If you have access to a sewing machine, you can reinforce the patch by stitching back and forth over it a few times.

I used the pins to mark where I should sew up to in order to make sure the stitching overshot the patch- this should reduce fraying and make the patch feel less noticeable on my skin. 

 Here’s how it looks on the right side. Since the holes are on the inside leg (this is nearly always where my jeans wear out) it is almost invisible.