My Orza jumper is one of the hand knits of which I am most proud. However, I had significant length issues with it throughout. Although I tried it on as I went, the body simply came out far too short. I think the fabric is quite stretchy, giving the illusion that it’s longer than it is, especially with the weight of the needles pulling down on it.

Anyway, as well as the body being too short, the sleeves had the same problem. I thought I could live with it at first, but they were just an awkward length in between 3/4 and full length, and it made my experience of wearing this lovely sweater less pleasurable.

So my second Mend It May project was to lengthen the sleeves. I cut off the bind off, unravelled the ribbing, and picked up the live stitches. I then knit about 2-3 inches more in pattern.

I tried on a few times to try and ensure the length is right this time. The sleeves almost seemed too long, which I hope means they will be the correct length.