This week I am featuring a project I am happy with. Yay! My denim day dress has turned out pretty spot on.

I especially love the pockets.

After the last post, I spent four more solid hours working on her.

Finishing the zip installation (slightly wonky).

Easing the in the sleeves. So many pins!

Trying to see if they are in the right way.

Sewing the side seams and finally testing the fit.


The biggest difficulty I had was with trying to swap the facings for bias binding. The binding wouldn’t lie flat.

I followed a tutorial to try and fix the binding. It only partially worked. My feeling is that I can’t have the binding visible, so I will probably try and fix it again next time I have access to a sewing machine. However, the dress is still wearable in the interim so I’m not too fussed.

I have two more versions of this dress planned. For one, I am going to use my purple Indonesian silk for the skirt.


I am going to buy a small amount of silk in a contrast colour for the bodice and sleeves, as I think a dress totally in the pattern would be a bit overwhelming. I also have some cream rayon Batik for another version.

The only change I will make will be to grade down to the size below at the waist. The sizing is about right at the bust and shoulders, but a bit baggy at the waist. I will probably do another exposed zip for the Batik dress, but try an invisible zip for the silk one. I will have to get better at matching the waist seams!