I finally managed to finish this mammoth project a couple of weeks ago. And I hate it. It’s my first UGH! on Ravelry and it feels like a cruel April fools joke played by the knitting gods.


I’ve got to say that blocking this sweater was an absolute nightmare. The second the fabric got wet, it just stretched like crazy. I think part of the problem is that the pattern directs you to make a moss stitch swatch  that gives no indication of how the final fabric will behave. I say, ignore the pattern instructions and swatch the whole stitch pattern to avoid this problem.

I left the damp top to dry on a fan heater (I don’t have a tumble drier), which seemed to shrink it down a bit. However, as soon as I put it on, it stretched out again.


Here’s how it was fitting before blocking.

Hideous quality pic but it demonstrates my point. Pre-blocking, the fit was pretty spot on. I block almost religiously, but this experience is making me question that habit.

It’s so frustrating to spend hours making something, then end up with a product that is unwearable. I feel this project was a little doomed from the start when I hated the colour of the yarn, which was totally different to the pictures I saw on the website. I may try one more time to shrink it if I ever get a chance to use a tumble dryer. Otherwise I will just give it away so I can forget about it. In moments of drama, which have been more frequent than usual lately, I have nearly chucked it in the bin.

Again, this making experience is an example of art (craft) reflecting life.

Craft can be a cruel mistress.

Pattern: Michelada

Yarn: Kettle Yarn Co Westminster in Mermaid

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