I spent several hours yesterday working on my Avid Seamstress day dress in denim. This is a fairly challenging pattern for me so I’ve still got a lot to do. I went in just with a pile of flat pieces of fabric


And I came out with something that is basically recognisable as the back of a dress.


I’m currently in the middle of installing the exposed zipper. I’m following the same tutorial I used for my feather skirt. I think it’s going okay. I’m going to baste it before my next sewing afternoon.

I used a new technique of gathering the fabric using elastic. I had to redo it once because it was uneven. I managed to gather the denim more easily the second time, but accidentally sewed it to the incorrect side. I’m going to leave it because I don’t think it’ll make any difference to the final dress.

I read somewhere that some craftswomen leave errors in their work as a reminder that only God is perfect. I’ll leave mine as a reminder that perfection is an illusion that engenders dissatisfaction.

Pattern: Day Dress by The Avid Seamstress

Fabric: Some denim