This headband was a super quick knit, finished in about two days. It’s made a very handy finished object, solving the vexing problem of how to keep your ears warm if you’re wearing your hair up.

It’s useful for everyday ear protection as well as its primary use- as a beater headband for quidditch. As well as signalling my position, it covers my technically illegal ear piercings (I don’t know how to remove them).

Here’s a blocking shot. The bulge next to the cable is the seam- the headband is not just happy to see me. I moved the band around a couple of times during blocking to prevent fold lines from forming. I then got impatient and committed the cardinal sin of drying it on the radiator as I needed it for a match. However, this is superwash yarn, so it should hold up to the occasional impatient heated drying.

If I find any action shots of me wearing this, I will add them to the post later. Update: Here’s one of me walking home from practice.

Pattern: Hot Mess Headband (free on Ravelry)

Yarn: Lana Grossa McWool Merino Mix 100 (less than one ball)

Ravelry project page