My love of lightweight knits means that most of my projects take me months from cast on to cast off. It’s nice to include the odd quick project in a heavier weight yarn, like the headband I’m working on now.

Before taking this photograph, I had snatched the left needle from the closing jaws of a Circle Line train after dropping it on the floor. It was like something out of Indiana Jomes. Who says knitting isn’t a hobby for the casual thrillseeker?

Knitting a black ribbed hot mess beater headband

I probably would have finished this by now had I not redone the cable three times. It just looked wrong each time. I’m going to blame the cold I had at the time.


Pattern: Hot Mess Headband (free on Ravelry)

Yarn: Lana Grossa McWool Merino Mix 100 (less than one ball)

Ravelry project page