I fell in love with the knitting pattern for this cute top in the summer and excitedly bought yarn. Here’s how it should turn out.

Photo from Ravelry.

Unfortunately, the colour of the yarn was a real let-down compared to the pictures on the website and the company does not offer returns. Boo.

After a few months of sulking, I decided to cast on with the caveat that I will overdye the top if I still don’t like the colour when I am finished. The top is knitted in pieces and this is my progress on the back.

I cast on the extra stitches for the sleeves on Monday so I think I’m getting there with the back of the top. I need to do some careful measuring once I finish. My gauge is off and I couldn’t be bothered to knit a second swatch so I’m knitting in between sizes. I think I want a bit less positive ease than stated in the pattern. But I also don’t want the top to be too tight. Knitting involves so much maths!


Pattern: Michelada

Yarn: Kettle Yarn Co Westminster in Mermaid

Ravelry project page