Every year there seems to be a very dull debate about whether it’s right or wrong to have new years resolutions. I try my best not to view things in black-and-white terms. I like the fact that the new year provides a punctuation, and encourages reflection on the past in order to build on positives for the future. I won’t share all of my goals for 2016 here, but here are some of the things that you might notice me working on.

  1. Win Olympic Gold medal for knitting.
  2. Continue to improve my sewing, and make some garments that I am happy to wear
  3. Read more books written by women and POC
  4. Work on finding balance
  5. Focus on health. Eat well and be active in ways I enjoy
  6. Take more and better photographs

Specific project goals

  1. Fix Orza
  2. Finish Princess of Power hat
  3. Finish crocheted baskets
  4. Add belt loops to Cigarette Pants
  5. Make something out of my beautiful Indonesian silk

I haven’t got any specific knitting goals in mind at present. I spent a lot of time and energy developing my skills last year, and I think I’ve burnt myself out slightly. I also became increasingly aware that I was using knitting as an avoidance strategy from other things in my life. Hence my decision to take a break from the Harry Potter Knitting and Crochet House Cup.

However, I did recently spy a new Brooklyn Tweed pattern that may reignite the woolly fire within. I must have this! I’m thinking of making it up in the same yarn I used for my Totoro jumper.