2015 has been a funny year for me. It’s been my first year of qualified practice as a psychologist, which has been a big change from the previous three years of training. While I’m thrilled to have my evenings and weekends back, I’ve discovered that working full time is no joke. I’ve also faced previously unasked questions such as ‘when do single adults do their washing in winter?’ (note: discovering the ‘Delay Start’ button on my washing machine has CHANGED MY LIFE).

Finding a balance between work, life admin and the millions of things I want to do in my personal life is still a work in progress. I like the fact that the new year provides an encouragement to reflect on the year past in order to try to live better in the year to come.

At the beginning of the year I drafted a goals blog post that never made it out of the drafts folder. It’s a nice document to have when I look back on my year in craft.

New Year’s ReSEWlutions

  1. Knit a seasonal jumper in time for, you know, the season. This was actually a goal for this year but I kept putting it off until it was far too late.
  2. Learn to knit continental style. I hear it’s quicker, and I would really like to knit Fair Isle two-handed. Also, I think it would help my knitting RSI if I could change styles periodically.
  3. Sew at least one dress for work.
  4. Finish secret project (heart blanket) on time!
  5. Have my knitting appear on red carpet**

I think it’s fair to say I smashed it!

**This was not a resolution, but if I had known it would actually happen, it definitely would have been!


Knitting has become my primary craft. More than that, it’s become a part of my identity. I’d certainly say it’s the craft I’m best at, and I love continuing to learn and grow as a knitter. I’ve always been pretty ambitious in the projects I’ve selected, and I’ve learnt loads from the mistakes I’ve made over the past seven years. This year I’ve really challenged myself in the projects I’ve taken on and I’ve managed to create some items that I’m very proud of, and that I hope I’ll be able to use for many years to come.

This year I finished


I’m still a distinctly average hooker. But I love the speed of crochet and the fact that you can create visually striking designs from simple motifs.


My sewing has developed loads this year as well. My feather print skirt represents the first garment that I made without any help from an experienced seamstress, and I’m pretty delighted with it.


I’m also very proud of the blanket I made for my friend’s wedding.

Wedding guest book quilt

I’m excited to get back to my beautiful denim dress when I get back to London after my festive adventures. I quite like having WiPs to return to after a holiday. They are my textile babies.


I’m still enjoying writing, and also documenting everything I make on this site. Thanks to everyone who reads, likes and makes comments on my posts. It really does motivate me to continue. Something I plan to do is invest in a proper camera, and I think I’ll enjoy developing my photography skills.

If you’re interested in my photography progress, I am on Instagram @craftycrusader


Baking and cooking in general has really fallen by the wayside this year, especially after 2014 (the year of bread). Building in more time to make myself tasty meals is a priority for me next year, so I’ll hope to share some delicious recipes here.