I finished knitting my wrap on time!



I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it was a super quick make. Just a week from cast on to put on. 

I kind of ignored the sizes in the pattern and just continually tested the length against my body. The wrap is longer than I am, i.e. more than 5″4 (163cm). I can always unravel a little if it stretches out and gets too big. The kit came with four balls of Crazy Sexy Wool but I used less than three. 

This wrap would be all you needed for a spring or autumn wedding. I was still a little chilly on a gusty December day but I didn’t bring a coat. 

Pattern: Cross My Heart by Wool and the Gang

Yarn: 3 balls of Crazy Sexy Wool in Sherpa Blue 

Needles: 15mm

Ravelry project page.