I realised last week that I have a winter wedding to attend, but no wrap to wear over my dress. After perusing the Black Friday sales, I was super disheartened and ended up panic buying a couple of kits from Wool and the Gang. I am now facing the challenging of a night time, knitting against the clock in order to not freeze my arse off in Kent on Saturday. Tense, non?

The Cross My Heart wrap is worked in linen stitch, which I’ve never used before. Here is the right side.

And the wrong side.

I think I prefer the wrong side at the moment.

Here’s how far I am now. My camera is really struggling to capture this garment, especially the colour. The picture below is loses to the rich dark turquoise that it is.

Yarn: Crazy Sexy Wool in Sherpa Blue

Needles: 15mm

Pattern: Cross My Heart by Wool and the Gang

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