I feel like just posting a load of emojis and exclamation marks. I’ve heard somewhere that a picture is worth a thousand words. Feast your eyes on this.

Here’s more of a close-up.

Honestly I can hardly believe I made this.

Here are a couple of pics demonstrating the difference that blocking makes.

This sweater represents about two months of significant work. I estimate that the yoke alone took 24 solid hours.

Hence the three WiP Wednesday posts (links 1, 2, 3). Several people have asked me whether I’m also going to do a Christmas jumper. The answer is a resounding HELL NO. Even if I was ready for another project this intense, I definitely wouldn’t be able to finish it before at least February.

The finishing was also a challenge. I ‘unzipped’ a crochet provisional cast on for the first time and it was s a nightmare! Definitely dropped a few stitches.

Picking up the stitches on the hem took about two hours, then the tubular cast off took at least another two hours. However, it really makes the garment look more polished so I think it’s worth it.

Happy Friday peeps!