Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co has started up Slow Fashion October, which is a bit of an adjunct to Me Made May. The focus is on making, thrift and techniques that are the antithesis of the fast fashion and throwaway culture promoted by some high street brands. The first week focuses on introductions, i.e. ME. I thought it would be nice for followers old and new, especially as I talk about myself in quite a sporadic way on the blog.

About me

I have lived and worked in London (UK) for the past seven years, since I moved here after finishing University. I work full time as a psychologist, which is a pretty emotionally taxing job. This means that I especially enjoy the meditative aspect of craft. Sometimes craft can capture the full attention of the conscious mind, giving the unconscious a little more wiggle room.

What first got you into slow fashion?

My mother was a dressmaker when I was growing up, so I suppose I have been exposed to slow fashion my whole life. I think my rebirth into slow fashion came when I was 21 and got into knitting. I had always wanted to learn to knit. My grandmother was a knitter and once tried to teach me when I was about six or seven. I always assumed I couldn’t pick it up because I wasn’t a natural knitter, but asking grandma for tips as an adult made me realise that, like many people who are experts (unconsciously competent), she was a terrible teacher! An example- I once asked her how you tell the difference between a knit and a purl and she said, “You just know.” Anyway, thanks to my friend Anna and her mum, and a copy of Stitch and Bitch, I never looked back.

I am also concerned about environmental issues (though I am a bit of a hypocrite as I still fly places for holiday) and slow fashion is one way I try to reduce my negative effect on the planet.

What are your skills?

My main craft is knitting. I have become pretty proficient over the past few years, which means that generally when I cast a project off, I’m happy with it. I’ve learned from many, many, MANY mistakes I’ve made during my life as a knitter. I also do a little crochet, though my skills are in their infancy. I’ve also got back into sewing in the past year or so, which is a new challenge.

What do you hope to get out of Slow Fashion October?

I think this is a lovely opportunity to interact with the craft/making blogging community. I would like to learn more about others who are involved in slow fashion.

What are your goals for the month?

I’d like to write a post on the theme for each week, and read and comment on others’ posts.

Is there a special project you plan to tackle this month?

I think I will aim to complete a sewing project this month. I have the fabric and patterns for four garments ready to go, so I’d like to get one finished. I am also working on a Fair Isle jumper that I’d like to have ready before Xmas, so I will aim to get a good amount of work done on that.