Part 2: During the wedding

See Part 1 of this series for a list of activities you will need to do before the big day.

Set up a table

Guest blanket table

Get a shout-out during the speeches

Smile and disguise the fervent look of craft frenzy in your eyes.

Man the table

Terrify guests by describing in detail the importance of seam allowance. Try to do this before they get drunk and start drawing phalluses on the squares.

Don’t be crazy

This is a handmade project that demonstrates your love, and the love of all of the guests, for the happy couple. While it may not be perfect, it will be delightfully quirky and fun. Bask in your friends’ happiness and have fun, and don’t become a Quilt-zilla.

Part 3 is when the hard work begins. Gird those loins and grease up your sewing machine.