Thursday was the first of my three evening sewing sessions working on Sew Over It’s Cigarette Pants. I feel a little less anxious about being massively underqualified for this workshop. My processes seem to take me longer than some others in the group, but I’m hoping I can manage to come out with some serviceable trousers.
The first week focused mostly on fit. The lovely instructor, Julie, had toiles in every size, which was helpful. She first took all of our measurements and compared them to the pattern measurements. I was pretty horrified that, according to my ‘natural waist’ measurement, I needed a Size 14 trouser! Part of the reason for doing this course is that trousers don’t fit me and this is the inherent problem- my body shape bears little resemblance to the model they use for making trousers. My hip measurement was equivalent to a Size 10, and here I am rocking that sexy toile.

Fit. Pun intended.
Despite my panic about the sizing, we didn’t make too many modifications to the pattern before cutting. I lengthened the legs by 5cm.

We also added some wedges to the waistband pattern, to account for my shape. This only adds half an inch, but hopefully will mean that the waistband will sit better.

The next step was cutting out.

I also measured the amount of fabric used for future reference- pretty much spot on 1.3m, as specified in the pattern. This was really helpful- if you are paying £17/m for quality fabric, knowing the exact yardage affects the cost of your final items significantly.

I did a little homework on Saturday, cutting out all of my lining pieces.

Next week we’ll start to put the pieces together, and I’m looking forward to it already!