A few weeks ago, I posted about some rainbow fingerless gloves that I’d started knitting. Here‘s where I managed to get to.

In progress rainbow mitts

Since I had to make this for a pretty tight deadline, I gathered all the colours and took them with me on a forthcoming trip to France to visit my dad. Here I am casting off the first glove in a queue at the airport. I love travel knitting, it really reduces my stress.

Casting off rainbows

So I continued knitting away on my mini break, and as I started to near the finish line, I realised something. A small knot of dread lodged itself in my chest, and slowly grew with each additional stitch.

So close!


I ran out of black acrylic. Clearly I did something to anger the knitting gods.

Since I moved house, I seem to have misplaced these mitts. I’ve managed to locate some extra yarn that would do, just to give myself a sense of completion. I’m going to a festival in the summer and I’d really like to take these along.

Pattern: Simple Fingerless Mitts (free pattern!)

Yarn: Various scraps (mostly acrylic DK, some sock held double) from my stash

Needle: 3.5mm DPNs

Ravelry project page