2015 seems to be the year I’ve got into sewing in a big way. My goal as a crafter is to make things that are beautiful, and of sufficiently high quality that they look like they came from a cute little boutique. I’ve discovered in the seven years since I first picked up a pair of knitting needles that creating beauty is a learning process. It’s probably one that will never end, which I can handle. I am a firm believer in lifelong learning. I finally feel like I’m developing an intuitive understanding of fabric, pattern and my own body, which seems to come only through experience. And by experience, I mean failure.

While I love knitwear, man cannot clothe himself with wool alone, as the famous saying goes. The time has come for me to learn sewing, my mother’s art. Because I live in a rented room in a house share, I don’t think it’s practical to buy a sewing machine. This means that I do all my sewing at my mum’s. While this arrangement has multiple advantages, such as access to an overlocker and my mum’s extensive experience, it also has drawbacks, such as my mum’s extensive experience. When mum sees someone doing something badly, she can’t help but take over. I share this trait. Combined with my perfectionism, which means that I would rather have her sew things for me than do a poor job myself, we have a situation in which I don’t grow as a sewer (ah! I finally see why people use the term ‘sewist’!) like I have as a knitter.

Anyway, that was an extremely long way of me saying that I have booked myself onto a sewing class. Specifically, Cigarette Pants by Sew Over It. Check these babies out.

I am a little anxious as this is an advanced class and I am in no way an advanced sewist. It would be generous to say I’m even intermediate. But I really love these trousers- they’re the only ones in the SOI oeuvre with pockets and I am a staunch proponent of practical clothing for women. I’m going to use the army blue fabric I talked about here.

Army blue fabric and Ultimate Trousers pattern

There’s some gorgeous printed chambray on the Sew Over It site that I’m very tempted by. I may make my first trousers from the army blue as practice, then attempt some super snazzy chambray work trews later in the summer. Exciting!

I’m hoping that having a very solid sewing pattern is going to solve my trouser problem. Never in twenty-eight years on this planet have I found a pair of trousers that fit. The last pair I had, which I loved so much that I wore out the crotch (and not for the first time, nudge wink!), fit perfectly on my legs but were at least two inches too big around the waist. I have never been able to wear trousers without a belt.

For the next three Thursdays I will be heading into terro incognito, with naught but two metres of fabric and my wits to guide me. I’m hoping to come back with a badass pair of pants and the wherewithal to make more. Wish me luck!