Part 1: Before the wedding

If you don’t already have a walking foot for your sewing machine, BUY ONE

Mum and I spent a whole day trying to assemble the quilt with increasing levels of frustration and disappointment. When I looked into quilt making further, I decided to try buying a specialised foot to see if it would make a difference and it bloody did! Don’t worry about getting an expensive one, I got a cheap one from China, watched a video on how to install it and Bob became my figurative uncle.

Select fabric

Fabric for wedding guest quilt

Decide on quilt dimensions and design

Rachael and I discussed how she wanted to use the blanket (for sofa snuggling purposes) and we decided on the final size- 150x120cm- from there. I thought that 15cm squares would give a nice size for people to decorate without being so small that I would go mad sewing them all together.

Cut out squares

Cut fabric using a rotary cutter

Using a rotary cutter, ruler or steel rule and self-healing cutting mat makes this task much easier.

Patterned fabric squares for quilt


Choose what kind of pens to use

I wasted a lot of time on line researching the best brand of fabric pen. I bought a pack of coloured markers from Amazon based on the reviews, but found that they bled on the fabric more than I would have been comfortable with.

The fabric pens I didn't use

In hindsight it doesn’t look too bad but I remember being unhappy at the time.

I started going into art supply shops. Yes, I am so dependent on the internet that I go on Amazon before nipping to the high street. I have bought GLUE on Amazon before. IRL I quickly found these fabric pens that gave a finish that I was much more pleased with. I bought ten- five of each colour- but three of each probably would have done. Pro tip: If you leave the pens sealed and keep the receipt, you can return them after the wedding.

I would advise going with 2-3 colours with fabric pens as I think it would be very easy to get a busy or messy look with more.

Fabric pens

Prepare idiot-proof guidelines

People may not read them, but at least you’ll know you tried!

Square instructions

The next post will discuss what you need to do on the day of the wedding.