I was in the very early stages of knitting this jumper last time I posted, so here is an update. This is actually quite a complex pattern even though it gives a beautifully simple and casual-looking garment. The two different stitch patterns on the body and sleeves, combined with the fact that it is knitted top-down and not a traditional raglan, means that you really have to concentrate hard for the first rounds.

The next step is to join the fronts, then you continue working the front, back and sleeves simultaneously, until you divide the sleeves. This really speeds up the knitting as you no longer have to worry about the different textures on the sleeves and body.

A massive advantage of knitting top down is the fact that you can try on the garment periodically to check the fit.

I’ve just noticed- I need to find somewhere with decent light to take progress pics, where you can’t see the chaos of my possessions in the background!

I’m pretty happy with the relaxed fit of this top. I knit a few more rows after I took the two pics above and now I’m ready to start the ribbing for the final inch at the bottom. Then it will be time to start working on those sleeves!