I’m really pleased with how my Wool and Gang Hold Tight clutch bag knitted up. I think I picked colours that go well with my wardrobe and I’m loving the neon colour pop trend. Why have highlighters trapped in a pencil case? Let them be free! Here are a couple of pics of the finished item.

Can you tell I’m pleased with it?

Jade helped bring out my inner model on the South Bank.


I was surprised at how long the project took overall. The bag is made with Jersey Be Good held double, which gives a really sturdy structured fabric, but is a killer on the hands!

I have a few tips for anyone who wants a double contrast trim like me.

For the binding, I found it easiest to stick closely to the pattern by starting with a WS row. I switched to CC2 (the yellow) and cast off before picking up the same number of stitches behind the ‘braid’.

I started the woven stitch with a RS row, I don’t think it matters whether you start RS or WS. I found the instructions a little unclear- you need to start every row by slipping the first stitch.

As other makers on Ravelry noted, the snap closure seems small compared to the size of the bag. I just tried to sew it neatly and hope it worked out, which it did.


I also did a picture tutorial for the cute tassels.