I’m feeling like I’ve hardly had any time for craft recently as my real life has been so crazy. After setting moving house as New Year’s resolution in 2013(!) I finally got my head together enough to start looking for places in April, and somehow I have now moved. I’m not feeling at home yet as I need to buy furniture and my things are still in their boxes, but I think I’ll get there eventually. 

I didn’t have much planned for Sunday and it turned into a lovely knitting day. I bought the yarn to make an Orza jumper a few months ago, but never got past swatching  the first pattern. Somehow this yarn didn’t get buried like much of the rest of my knitting equipment, so I finished up the second swatch. 

Normally I wouldn’t bother swatching the different colours, but this is an HPKCHC project and they are pretty strict! I hardly ever make things in the sample colour but I adore the colour combination they’ve used. 

It reminds me of an English beach. Like this one in Walberswick. 


I very seldom wear brown, so I’m pleased to be diversifying my wardrobe in a small way.