Ever since I first heard of Wool and the Gang through Anna, I’ve thought about knitting their Hold Tight clutch bag. I’ve put it off for different reasons over the past couple of years- the hassle of ordering yarn, the stress of choosing a colour combination, the usual. This is actually a slight fail because I’d hoped to have it ready in time for the wedding the other week. I knew the needles and yarn were massive, so I can knock out most WatG patterns very quickly. I had not factored in the woven stitch. Look at it!

For the binding, I found it easiest to stick closely to the pattern by starting with a WS row. I switched to CC2 (the yellow) and cast off before picking up the same number of stitches behind the ‘braid’.

I started the woven stitch with a RS row, I don’t think it matters whether you start RS or WS. I found the instructions a little unclear- you need to start every row by slipping the first stitch.Ā Ā