Very simple customisation project today, a card that I jazzed up for a colleague who is moving on to a new job. It’s surprisingly difficult to find tasteful leaving cards that don’t feature either twee poetry or thinly veiled envy that the person might be going on to better things. I really loved this card that I found in Waterstones in Gloucester as I liked the sentiment and also I am a complete sucker for anything sky-themed.
If you don’t believe me, check out the necklace and shoe combo I was rocking that day.

Oh yeah. Here’s the card btw.

Here’s the back, to acknowledge the artist.

Anyway, the card was beautiful but small and there are quite a few people in our team. Someone wisely suggested sticking the card to a larger sheet of card and an idea was born. Here is what I did.

You will need

  • A pre-bought card
  • A large sheet of card (construction paper)- A2 or A3 would probably be ideal
  • Glue- spray adhesive is best but a glue stick will also work
  • Scissors
  • Metallic pens, stickers (optional)
  • *Imagination*

Choose a coordinating sheet of card
Art supply shops normally sell a wide variety of high quality card (construction paper) in different sizes. I actually had to buy an A1 sheet as the shop I visited only had that and A4 and I’d left it to the last minute. Carrying that down Kensington High Street on a windy day was a party, I can tell you.
I got someone in reprographics to trim it down to A3 using this AMAZING and terrifying electronic guillotine thing. It was so cool. Or you could just trim it yourself with a normal guillotine or scissors, if you’re a muggle.
Fold your sheet of card in half.

Play with your elements
Do you want a plain background or patterned? You could stick some wrapping paper to the front of the card. Consider whether to mount your purchased card onto a plain backing for better contrast and ‘pop’.
The balloon card is pretty busy so I decided on a plain background.

Add a message
Choose a coordinating colour. You want all of the elements of the card to tie together. I hand wrote my message, then used tracing paper to flip the writing onto the reverse of my card before cutting out.

If you have access to a decent scanner/printer and you’re not an idiot like me, you could use the wonders of technology to print the flipped text straight onto the card and cut out messing with tracing paper altogether. If you don’t like the idea of designing the text, pick a font on the computer and use that. You could print in colour onto plain card or paper that way.

Stickin’ it to the man
Use spray adhesive or a glue stick to put everything together. Consider using a metallic pen or stickers to enhance your design.