I’m a little bit sad that I’m posting about my crocheted Zelda heart blanket as a Work in Progress rather than a Finished Object. Here I am presenting it to the baby mama in its slightly tragic UFO state.

Here we are posing for our latest album cover.

It’s definitely a case of the best laid plans o’ mice and men ganging aft agley as I started work on this project in September and was brimming with (over)confidence about finishing on schedule for my friend’s baby’s entry into the world. A couple of errors in the planning stage came back to bite me in the arse.
Firstly, I calculated how much yarn I would need by making a test square, unravelling it, and measuring how much yarn each granny square consumed. Sensible, right? Well yes, apart from the fact that I used a different kind of yarn that works up very differently to Baby Cashmerino, meaning that I didn’t get enough yarn to begin with.
I then ordered the wrong colour yarn. The seller was really kind and agreed to exchange it but a senior moment (I call these craft moments, i.e. can’t remember a fucking thing) meant that I didn’t get the yarn before I had to go to Gloucester for a week. Long story medium length, despite pulling an all knitter nighter, it was impossible to get the blanket finished in time.
This is the spreadsheet I used.

I also did a low tech version

At one point I worried the colours were too bold for a baby, but then I remembered that conventions are boring. I considered these options.

For more details about my process see this post.
Ravelry project page.
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino