I could hardly be more pleased with how beautifully these mitten-glove hybrids knitted up. They look absolutely stunning in the beautiful Stray Cat sock yarn I blew half my bursary on last year.

Hott. I couldn’t resist taking a few gloved glamour shots when the sun peeked out for a few minutes when I’d sewn in the ends.


What? No, of course I didn’t go out and buy nail varnish especially so my nails would look half decent in these pics!

These are knit on smaller 2.5mm needles, giving a nice tight fabric to keep the wind out. I like the tight fit on the mittens too.

Check out my Ravelry page for the original pattern, plus the mods I made to attach the mitten shell to the glove. I used the method adapted from the Broad Street mittens I’ve made before. It’s funny to realise that when I made those gloves, I hadn’t yet realised that pictures should be taken in decent light so that, you know, you can actually see the item. If you Google Broad Street mittens, I’m in the top three images and it’s a little embarrassing.

The only downside is that, having sworn off knitting fingers, I now want to make another pair of these to go with my red coat!