This week I decided to take a break from my big knitting and crochet projects and knit myself a new pair of gloves. I like to have a pair to keep in the pockets of each of my coats, for ease. These gloves will really complement my newish raincoat. Previously all I had was a massive men’s rain-tent that I obtained from an ex. Now I have a little women’s jacket that is just about smart enough to wear to work. Win. I suck at transitional dressing. Anyway, I have made good progress on the first glove I was pretty happy when I worked the thumb.


The yarn is self-striping sock yarn from Stray Cat, a company based in New Zealand. I bought it via Etsy. The pattern is Smartphone Friendly Mitts, available on Ravelry. I’m not sure if any fellow Ravellers read my blog, but if you do, my handle is crafty-crusader. I don’t have many Rav friends even though I sing its praises constantly, to the boredom of most people I know.

I like the fact that these gloves fit very tightly. I have now nearly finished both gloves, so the next step will be to attach mitten shells that I can flip over to keep my fingers warm. I used to spend a small fortune on gloves each winter as I would have to take one off to use my phone, then drop it. Since I switched to convertible mittens, my glove attrition rate has dropped to nearly zero (famous last words). I should draw a graph.
I recently read a blog post about the joy of fingerless gloves. At the time I remember thinking ‘knitting fingers isn’t so bad’. For reference, making the body of each glove probably takes four to six hours. Each finger has been taking an additional hour. I will be joining the fingerless glove club after this project!