Man, this cardigan involved way more knitting than I anticipated! It is fairly chunky yarn but it’s also a lot of fabric. I’ve finally finished the circle, so if I wanted I could stop knitting here and have a rather snazzy gilet.

This is what the cardigan looks laid flat, and here is a link to yet another GIF showing how I constructed this garment.

Cool, eh? The only thing I’m unhappy with is the join between the two sides of the circular section. I spent ages grafting them together but the graft creates a ridge of reverse stocking stitch among the main garter pattern. See?

Okay, maybe it’s only super obvious to my perfectionistic eye. The green and yellow threads are lifelines in case I figure out a way to invisibly join garter stitch, and want to spend another two hours seaming. The real problem is the wrong side of the cardi, where you can see a ridge of stocking stitch that I find quite upsetting.

Craziness aside, I have just picked up stitches around the armhole and am working the first sleeve. I would love to have this cardi finished by the weekend, but that is nigh on impossible, especially as I cast on a new pair of gloves on Sunday to give me a break from the large projects I’ve been working on since September.
PS If anyone is concerned that my badass trainers are an indication of delusions of coolness, I have been reliably informed that any potential street cred I could garner from wearing them is nullified by what I had embroidered on to them.