To distract myself from the misery of the last term of my course, I spent a fair bit of time buying yarn and researching knitting patterns. In a way, knowing I had the projects to come back to helped make the idea of coming back a bit easier. I think I’m overly attached to my knitting. Anyway, here’s a little overview of what I’ll be working on for the next few weeks.
The heading is a link to the pattern on Ravelry so you can see what the final garment should
look like. This is where I’m up to

This is a bottom-up pattern so what you can see is the bottom hem up to the waist, or about half of the stocking stitch section.
Opposite Pole
This pattern is so beautiful. I’ve always shied away from heavy jumpers in the past, but I had to make an exception for this baby. I’m still in the planning stage. These are the gauge swatches I’ve made to try and ensure I get a good fit on the finished garment.

Ribbed camera case
I feel that I need a pun for the name of this little case I’m designing! It was one of the projects I was working on while travelling. In fact, I cast on during an unexpected flight to Madrid. The body is nearly complete, I’m just planning how I want to knit the flap. I love these colours so much. The pink makes the camera on my phone go a bit mad.

Secret project
I am also in the planning stages of a very exciting secret project and I can’t wait to share little hints about it in the coming weeks.