I was pleased to get some all too rare good news during the week- the card I designed for the competition my university ran won! Although, like my thesis itself, it came back with some minor corrections. Unlike the thesis, however, the corrections did come with a very welcome addition to the prize, which means I should be able to afford a nice new backpack for my summer travels.
I spent an evening working on the amendments. They wanted me to change ‘Life after thesis’ to ‘Life after the thesis’ and also to remove my little quip about thesis-related nightmares. Apparently they want the tone of a celebratory card to be ‘light’. I don’t really do light.

I think it looks okay with the changes. Can you tell? I removed the line with ‘after’ on it, re-cut a line with ‘after the’ on it and popped it in place. Removing the text about nightmares proved surprisingly difficult. I hope the commissioners will be happy with what I was able to do.