On my needles at the moment is the beautiful Waterlily top. I decided to go with the recommended yarn, which is Islington by Kettle Yarn Co and stunningly beautiful. I chose the off-white colourway as I’m still on a white clothing kick inspired by Olivia Pope in Scandal. It does make me anxious about knitting on the bus though!

I’m adding a little shaping and I’ve just finished knitting up to the narrowest part of my waist. It’s just subtle shaping, no bust darts as I’m also trying to embrace positive ease a bit more this year. I was hoping to have this finished before I go away but since I leave in three weeks that may be slightly ambitious!
I’m also working on some mittens to go with my Peerie Flooers hat. I have lots of yarn left over, but mainly in the brighter colours rather than the background shades. I’ve sketched a template so I can play around with some different ideas. What do you think?


I don’t want the colours to be too crazy as I have a red coat.

As I mentioned in one of the hat posts, the wool is a little bit scratchy and the pattern includes a lining that is knit in much softer yarn (I’m using baby alpaca). I decided to cast on the first glove yesterday. The instructions say to do a provisional cast on, then join in the round and knit the lining, which I thought would take an hour or so. Dear god, it was the most traumatic knitting experience I’ve had in years! I did a provisional cast on once before for my cabled cowl, and used the method on Knitty. When I tried this time, the lining yarn got all tangled with the waste yarn holding my stitches and was a real mess. When I joined to work in the round, it was an absolute tangled disaster and I had to rip it out.

Following a quick Google, I decided to follow someone’s advice and knit a few rows straight before joining to work in the round to avoid tangling. This is the lining so a little untidiness won’t be seen anyway. Somehow I managed to cast on the wrong number of stitches, so I had to frog again. On try three, I worked three rows straight and then joined to work in the round… and managed to twist the edge. Rip it rip it! By this time I was getting pretty irate but I was determined to get this glove on the needles if it killed me.

And zen. Try four finally worked. This time, I knit 7 rows straight to make it easier to join in the round without twisting the edge. I’ve done the lining now and it only took 4 hours.

Although this was a frustrating experience, I hope it will improve my knitting in the long run. I have to do a long provisional cast on for the big cardigan project I have planned for autumn, so it’s all practice.