I couldn’t resist this gorgeous knitting pattern when Kate Davies featured it on her blog. The tiny flowers and the colours just spoke to me. Best of all, it came as a kit, saving me the agony of selecting coordinating colours. I like the little balls of Jamieson and Smith wool in their bright but somehow organic colours.

I realised that I’ve never really knit with straight up wool. I tend to use soft blends, but two of my current projects are introducing me to the joy of sheep. I do find this wool a bit scratchy, which is a bit worrying as I have plans for coordinating mittens. I may have to line them.
The rim of the hat is in corrugated rib, which was a nice way of getting used to knitting Fair Isle. Each row uses two colours to prevent wool tangle and you carry the unused colour behind the stitches in the contrast colour- these are called floats. A lot of the skill in the technique is in maintaining a good tension so the floats don’t affect the texture of the fabric.

As well as the completed ribbing you can see the floats on the wrong side of my fabric.
I’m about half way through the hat at the moment and I’m loving the flower pattern.