Most of the time I have a pair of socks on the needles as it makes for a really easily portable project that’s perfect for knitting on the go. I have to commute to work at the moment and I like having something to do in those otherwise lost hours. Since I get travel sickness very easily, I’ve never been able to read on buses so I feel very lucky that knitting doesn’t have the same effect. I made these socks for my dad’s birthday in about a month, using odds and ends of time.


Here they are gloriously modelled on my windowsill on a sunny evening.
I’m a little worried about the fit as I’m not sure my dad measured his foot that carefully when I asked. Also my brain wasn’t working very well at all for this project, hence one sock is at least an inch longer than the other.

Bit worrying as the next two projects I’m planning to cast on are Peerie Flooers, my first Fair Isle colour work hat, and Opposite Pole, a cabled winter cardigan with a unique construction. So a bit more complex than socks!