Took a bit longer than expected but my new Elfe jumper is finished and I’m enjoying wearing it. I love how the stripes look and I had just enough yarn to make the sleeves the length I wanted.
I rushed to have it finished for my recent mini break in Vienna so I could have some pics with it out and about. Here it is being modelled with a giant golden bum.



And here is a knitted jumper selfie in the mirror that Freud had in his Vienna study. Yup, Freud and I have totes been reflected in the same glass. He never bothered to take a picture though.

Freud mirror selfie

Overall I’m very pleased with the fit. I added four bust darts, and I think the shape is good but I could have done one less decrease row as the jumper is just a little bit tighter than I would prefer. But cotton is a heavy fabric so I imagine it might stretch out a bit with wear.

Check out the finished GIF I made. I love these things!