I knitted this little guy for a friend who needed a hug, but was too far away.

I based him on a pattern for a hippo, but used totally different yarn and so he wound up a rather different animal. His face is quite leonine, but his body more piglike. Maybe he’s a new fantastical beast.


This is what the body and head looked like before I sewed this section up. I stuffed it and then made the four legs, ears and tail separately.



I might write up a pattern one day. I think this is a great way of using up the leftover yarn from a Zion Lion hat. I knit on 6.5mm needles (rather than the recommended 12-15mm) to get a very tight fabric so that no stuffing would peek through.

I think I must have been unconsciously inspired by the boat race when I was making this. Clearly I am a Dark Blue through and through.