My dad spent several months of 2013 in a little village in rural France and found me a little present. Well, a big present.

Dinosaur included for scale.
Here’s the first thing I made.

The treble clef doesn’t isn’t there for any particular reason, I think I was just singing a lot that day and was in the mood for messing around arranging the hazelnuts rather than scattering them artfully on top of the ganache.

This recipe is fairly simple though I had a complete nightmare separating the eggs. I’ve never had an issue with this before, but the yolks seemed to have no structural integrity. Next time I’m separating more than three eggs, I think I’ll use three separate bowls like they do on TV. You separate each egg over one bowl, then put the yolk in the second and transfer the white to the third. That way, if you mess up, the yolk can only contaminate one white.

My issues meant that I found it really hard to whip the egg whites. Since the only lift in this cake comes from the aerated whites, I was worried that the cake wouldn’t come out well but it was fine. The cake rose up during baking but then sank down, which I think is meant to happen. You are left with a dense, rich, moist, nutty cake, kind of like a brownie.

This cake is also gluten free and, if you make your own Nutella (you can- Google it!) it’s also paleo.